Tuesday, February 07, 2006

= Slow news day at the BBC

Perhaps Antonio Davis, shooting 40% from the field this season, could take some advice from his wife. Kendra Davis is 100% at throwing cups of hot coffee through driver's side windows. In a bit of life imitating art (this time Kendra imitating Woody Harrelson's character in Kingpin), the charming wife of the Raptors' Davis threw coffee on one Kathleen Besser following a traffic dispute last fall. It is a bit of ironic timing that Besser finally decided to press charges this week, and there is no word yet if Besser will also be suing the business where Davis purchased the coffee for brewing it too hot.

In other Davis news (and there's plenty of it!)...Antonio finally showed up to Raptors practice, four days late. He apparently needed some time to clear up his thoughts...which beckons the question, what thoughts? This is the guy who demanded to be traded from the Raptors during his first stint with the team in part because of concerns that his twin children would not receive a good education in Canada. HUH??? Canada beats the US at EVERYTHING, including education. One can only surmise that Davis was worried his children might grow up in a safe, healthy, progressive environment. To quote Kendra Davis: "Antonio would have me pack a bag and go on every road trip if he could. I've often said to him, 'I don't have an NBA contract. My job is here with the kids.’" Paging Mrs. Doug Christie...

Wife Story #2: Gambling and sports, as Paul McCartney put it, "live together in perfect harmony." The latest person caught up in a gambling scandal is none other than Janet Jones, Mrs. Wayne Gretzky. Not to be confused with her polar opposite on the looks scale, Paula Jones, Janet Jones is an actress and housewife. And she's apparently "desperate" to gamble. But who are we kidding? The fact that the 45 year old hottie is parlaying and going for trifectas late into the night makes her even more attractive. Do the dishes...check. Tuck the kids in...check. Put a Benjamin on St. Joe's over Nova with the spread...check.

Why is this a sports scandal? It involves an assistant coach in a league that no one watches (thank you Outdoor Life!) and a total amount changing hands ($1.7 million) that is so small even Pete Rose didn't bother to get involved. Seriously, what the NHL should be worried about is that people in the betting league weren't putting money on NHL games. Or worse yet, that ESPN was pulling better ratings for Poker reruns than for hockey. And if I watch that stupid hand where Cyndy Viollette walks away from the table after an amateur pulls a straight on the river on her in the WSOP...

And finally, what ever happened to that VH1 reality show planned around the lives of Doug and Jackie Christie? I'd honestly rather watch Celebrity Fit Club in 3D than be forced to watch Doug and Jackie doing their hand signals all day. And a programming note to Time Warner: please remove VH1 from my cable lineup, and add BBC America so I can watch Footballer Wives. And while you're at it, please remove any channel that has Flip This House and Flip That House and any channel featuring something with "House" in the title that isn't House Party 1, 2 or 3.


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