Wednesday, February 01, 2006

= Modern Day Clark Gable?

I apologize for the brevity of today's posting...I'm trying to catch HBO's 900th airing of "Million Dollar Baby" in the last two months.

It worked for the late Johnnie Cochrane, but will it work for Donovan McNabb? The Eagles' quarterback has decided that the time has come to play the race card, attacking Terrell Owens for his comments earlier this year. McNabb felt slighted when Owens said in an interview with ESPN that the team would be better off with Brett Favre at quarterback than the hobbled McNabb. While the comment brought much joy and a tear to John Madden's eye, McNabb was less than thrilled.

But rather than cry over spilled Campbell's condensed milk, McNabb is jabbing back with verbal barbs such as "It was like, it's unreal. That's like me going out and saying, `Hey, if we had Steve Largent. If we had Joe Jurevicius.'" Note to Donovan McNabb: Joe Jurvecius is about as similar to Brett Favre as Chris Chelios is to Manute Bol. Was this really a racial issue? McNabb points out that Owens could have chosen to mention Steve McNair or Byron Leftwich or Daunte Culpepper or Michael Vick in lieu of Brett Favre. But let's look at the scorecard: Brett Favre: 2 Super Bowls, 1 Super Bowl Victory, only 3-time NFL MVP in history of league. Vick + McNair + Leftwich + Culpepper= 1 Co-MVP (McNair), 1 Super Bowl appearance (McNair), 0 Super Bowl victories, 1 awesome Booze Cruise (Culpepper).

Owens recently met with the Denver Broncos, a team desperate to replace Rod Smith with some fresher legs. Owens was rumored to have been thinking about trying out for the Utah Jazz, until he realized there were in fact a handful of African-Americans on the team. But in all seriousness, Owens' comments don't reflect a hatred of African-Americans. Rather, they reflect a love of Native Americans, as Brett Favre is actually a quarter Choctaw Indian. I guess the only trail of tears this time is Donovan's...

A bit of sad news on the C-list celebrity front: ex-Full House star Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie) has admitted to a Meth Problem. And I'm not talking about a "Meth"od Acting Problem, because everyone knows she was by far the worst actor on the show. Before you say "how rude", consider that even Kimmy Gibler was less annoying than Stephanie. But I digress. There is some good news to the story, as an intervention for Sweetin involving Mary-Kate/Ashley Olson, Bob Saget and John Stamos was actually filmed for a holiday special. Next up on the Full House intervention front: one to prevent John Stamos from doing bodily harm to himself when Rebecca Romijn consummates her marriage with Jerry O'Connell.


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