Thursday, January 26, 2006

= What do you get when you cross Twiggy and Punky Brewster?

"Skating with Celebrities" would ostensibly seem about as appealing as "Deal Or No Deal"...until you realize it is co-hosted by the immaculate Summer Sanders! No offense to Howie Mandel, but I could probably even stomach "Deal Or No Deal" with Summer as the host. Heck, throw her in with Louie Anderson and a drunk Richard Anderson, and I'd still be fine. The pairing with Scott Hamilton looks about as forced as a Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise kiss though, so I say ditch the midget skater and let Summer shine solo.

Yes, I will admit I stayed up until 3am to watch the David Nalbandian-Marcos Baghdatis Australian Open semifinal tennis match. The names suggest World's Strongest Men contestants, yet these guys are both pretty damn good at tennis. But anyone watching the coverage will notice it was slanted...towards Baghdatis' girlfriend. The television camera cut away to French model Camille Neviere (who also happens to be Baghdatis' coach's stepdaughter) more than during the great Laura Quinn debacle earlier this year during the Ohio State-Notre Dame bowl game. But you'll be hearing no complaints from me. We even get some great headlines out of it, such as the India Times' : "Baghdatis, girl to celebrate victory."

The opponent of Lynn Swann in the Pennsylvania gubernatorial campaign has fired his campaign manager following his comment that "the rich white guy in this campaign is Lynn Swann." The opponent of Lynn Swann, who in every media outlet today was only referred to as "the opponent of Lynn Swann", has distanced himself from the comments. The opponent should have known his campaign manager was a little nutty when he earlier that day said "OJ Simpson is that innocent white guy."

Tiger Woods has purchased property in Jupiter, Florida for a whopping $38 million . I've often wondered how Jesper Parnevik didn't cheat on his wife with the nanny, Elin Nordigren, Tiger Woods' current wife? This picture does not help answer that question. In other news, John Daly's wife has moved out of her trailer park and into the Big House.

Isiah Thomas is being accused of sexual harrassment by a former front office worker at the New York Knicks, Anucha Browne Sanders. Isiah apparently had a "strip club strategy" where he pushed for more Sunday noontime games, which would be preceded by Saturday nights full of drinking and strippers for opponents. Firstly, I guess this picture of Isiah and Magic Johnson kissing wasn't really indicative of Isiah's true feelings. Secondly, wasn't that plan already attempted and failed by the Tri Lams when they faced off against the Alpha Deltas in "Revenge of the Nerds"?

Star Magazine reports Jennifer Love Hewitt may be considering posing nude in Playboy. I would give more credence to this article if the Star didn't spread vicious rumors, like this one about Ellen Degeneres making out with a woman.

And finally, following up on a story reported earlier this month on this very blog, Skeleton coach Tim Nardiello will NOT be heading up the US team competing in Turin. On the bright side, he has been hired as the Senior Vice President of Marketing at the New York Knicks. Bookies are already adjusting the spread on Sunday home games for the Knicks...


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