Monday, March 06, 2006

Editor's Note

To encourage readers to come back on a more regular basis, I'm going to start posting on the below schedule:

Monday: The Top 4 List-A list of four things...Kinda like The Sports List, minus Summer Sanders (Interesting note from the SJ Mercury News: Summer Sanders' family likes the Olympics).

Wednesday: A Look Back-A look back at a player, coach or event that you probably had forgotten about.

Saturday-Sunday: This Week in Sports-Pretty self-explanatory...commentary from the previous week in sports.

Let me know what you think. Changes take effect on Wednesday. Suggestions on topics always welcome. Check out this update on where Freddie Mitchell isn't partying.


Blogger ducky23 said...

I would love to see a "where is Joe Kirchofer now" segment. last i heard, he was teaching at the "Matt Lottich life skills camp" where students answer life skills questions based on Lottich's basketball career.

Also I would like to see an article about the origins and significance of the Darius Miles fists to the head.

5:18 PM  
Blogger Woody said...

From the Wikipedia (

"When Darius makes a basket, he often gestures by pounding his forehead with both fists. This dates back to his Clipper days, when it was devised by him and teammate (Quentin) Richardson." As for why Richardson does it...probably to distract people from his usual 2-11 night.

Here's the newest info I could find on Kirchofer: The real question is what is Adam Keefe doing now?

9:39 PM  

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